Alienated Structures

The density of a forest or the surfaces of a field are landscapes well hidden in our consciousness. We know for a fact that in the forests we find trees and that the field represents a big sheet of land often used for growing. The uniformity of these landscapes is familiar to us, and so they become common and less interesting.

But the monotony can sometimes be interrupted by something unknown. An unidentifiable construction appears in the middle of the nature, a structure that has no meaning. The calm of the nature suddenly transforms into mystery and uncertainty. Although these structures seem to appear by themselves, they have a beginning and a purpose, most of them having been constructed in the communist period.

However, these structures don’t remind me of that period, that I’ve known for only a couple of years, but of walking in the nature and finding something unusual. Reliving these feelings whenever I discover such places confirms my impression that an alien element found in a familiar place creates uncertainty and pressure.