Back To Wellhead

In my hometown, where the city meets the forest, people meet themselves in an almost ritually circumstance. On the south border, the city is bounded by almost twenty sources of pure water that gathers people from all over the city.

The wellheads offer the community the opportunity to relive this gesture full of symbolism, of going towards the water. Each source has its messengers, people who speak of its qualities, sometimes proven in laboratory tests. Carried home in large plastic containers, offer those who live in apartment buildings a natural purification. The water gains a particular meaning which goes above and beyond its simple material existence. Coming from the mountains, it is always there for the people; it flows and waits to be drunk.

This phenomenon may represent a legacy from past times, when people where brought from their villages with all their belongings, to build the new face of the country, and to reshape their identities. As seen in the pictures, they also brought one of the most primordial instincts with them, and it preserved. They ignore the indoor facilities, and chose to reconnect with each other and in the same time with the nature, in this way.

As common as it seems for the ones that go there regularly, as strange it looks for the unfamiliar eye. Together with the sources, the water devotees became part of the peripheral scenery of the city.