Urban Gardens

The man developed in the middle of the nature, and throughout time, the evolution brought him gradually to the city. Here, living in a community of individuals, he created and tightened relationships with them.

In the block of flats, people show simple gestures of attention such as sharing a cup of coffee. But sometimes they do more than that; they build something together, extending their private space by bringing some of their belongings in the gardens from the surroundings of the block. These places are full of passion and represent their owners, as they become very personal spaces, untouchable for strangers. The more complex the gardens are, the more ingenious and creative their builders prove to be. But in the same time the gardens are constantly changing, in direct relation to the inhabitants. Some flourish as them, or on the opposite, they can also deteriorate as the relationships.

My childhood has been also marked by such a garden. In the posture of stranger and invader, in my early years I was always afraid and curious at the same time. Since then, the gardens between the blocks remained for me forbidden and attractive … the forbidden fruit